*               He obtains the title of "Profesor Superior de Música" in the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid, in the piano speciality, that concludes with the highest class qualification in free examination. Later, he continues studying with Heliza Hansen (Lübeck, Germany), Rosalyn Tureck (New York) and Isidro Barrio (Madrid and Munich). Courses, Masters and Doctorate of phonographic production in Mexico. Concert tours in Spain, Germany, the United States and Italy.


*                  After several experiences in different registries (DIAL and Bella Musica) as producer, he records in 1992 a CD dedicated to Madrid "European Cultural Capital " for the firm DIAL S.A., with the commentaries of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón and excellent national critic (some of these recordings are published again by Reader's Digest).


*               In 1993 he produces ("Süddeutsche Rundfunk") the famous " 33 Variations on a Waltz sur un thème en ut majeur by Anton Diabelli" of Beethoven and the "Goldberg Variations" of Bach with the pianist Isidro Barrio for the firm KOCH International with excellent international critic.


*               1994-95. Collaborates with the pianist Isidro Barrio in the recording and musicological study of the Father Soler's Sonatas for KOCH (coproduction with the " Bayerische Rundfunk").



*               1996. Idem for the unpublished piano work by Turina and Orchestra of Camera in 1996. Participates in the recording of another CD (Spanish music) invited by KOCH in the " Schweizer Radio " and another one in live for the "Südwestfunk".


*               1998. Performs a monographic recital in the Foundation Juan March, dedicated to Lopez, with great success. Recording of the Integral of the 2nd Lopez.


*               1999. The ICCMU, in a official way, orders him the critical edition of the mentioned work of F.M.López for its accomplishment in year 2000. Finalizes the first world-wide recording of the "Work for keyboard of Felix Maximo López". In his interest to investigate the Spanish Musical Patrimony, he finds in the Library of the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music of Madrid a manuscript of a Spanish melodramatic work in 4 acts without cataloguing and unknown author, making a musicological study and critical edition of this work (Royal music), which he himself attributes to Ramon Carnicer (1789-1855) and titles "Laura and Don Gonzalo" (See NEWS in This would be one of the last of the so prestigious Spanish teacher, and, possible, the "first Spanish modern opera".


*               2000. Makes the first world edition in full score of the absolutely unknown zarzuela's F.M. López "El disparate o la obra de los locos". López appears portrayed by Vicente Lopez with one exemplar of this zarzuela in his right hand in the Prado Museum of Madrid.


 *               2000-2001. Makes the recording of the operas "Laura y Don Gonzalo" and "El disparate o la obra de los locos" with synthetic sounds. Afterwards he records a double CD performing piano works and own compositions "The New Millennium CD". He records on CD his composition ParaIsa: Piano Theme and 37 Variations.


*               2001-2002. He continues carrying out recordings, published on and, with piano repertory works and diverse compositions like the 2001 CD "Real Dreams", the 2002 Piano double CD "The Recital" (with the collaboration of the Foundation Hazen-Hosseschrueders) with important works of the piano literature.


*               2002-2003. His acclaimed CD 2003 "Piano Classics", contains works that would constitute interesting Stravinsky's or Liszt's programs, e.g. At the same time he holds, from 2001 the chair at ( Vivendi Universal Net USA Group, Inc.) of one network of stations, International Stations, created for the promotion and support of a lot of artists all over the world, including world celebrities.


*               2004. Alberto Cobo keeps on developing his pedagogic activity. At the same time Cobo realizes a CD for the composer Íñigo Lantero in the face of arranger, producer and pianist (it was broadcasted through “Hilo Musical” or, a track, on the page of the painter ).

*               2006. Professor Cobo composes “XXI Century” where he tackles a job so much interpretive as composite aspect, testing the musical genre and the exploration of modern elements.

*              2008. He edits the compositions book: " Obras para piano. Piano works ” included in the season of concerts of Kursaal from Donostia, Spain (September 11. 2008) and with the support of the United States Embassy in Spain.

*               2009. He obtains a great success as pianist with the Polish Radio National Symphony in Warsaw. At the same time Cobo introduces a new piano recital with Stravinsky and Rachmaninov's piano sonatas this summer in Spain.


*               2010. He has edited the album "The Two Last Great Sonatas For Piano" with "" label and received congratulations of personalities. He performed it in several piano recitals in Spain with great success. Available in El Corte Inglés.

*               2011. Alberto Cobo performed in the Presentation of the New Cultural Program of San Lorenzo de El Escorial at the Real Coliseo de Carlos III in the presence of Deputy Minister of Culture of the Community of Madrid, the Mayor and the Manager of National Heritage.
Presentation Brochure .
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Successfully introduced this summer in the House of Culture of San Lorenzo de El Escorial a Franz Liszt`s monographic program in collaboration with the Embassy of Hungary.

He performs a piano recital in the face of Presidents of major Brazilian companies with great success at the Teatro Anne Frank of the Hebraica in Sao Paulo (Brazil) on November 2011.
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*               2012. The RAH informs about the publication on sale of the Spanish Biographical Dictionary where he is listed as author.


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Félix Máximo López: Integral de la Música para Clave y PianoForte. (Complete Works for Harpsichord and Fortepiano). Música Hispana. ICCMU.

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